Stallion Teeres van Visser

The start of Te’s dressage training slowly slowly also with some help of clicker training.

The big thing is we both enjoy the journey and grow together. Get the basics then build from there we have a long way to go.

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Teeres van Visser | Mount Darragh Friesians

Teeres van Visser



Here on Mount Darragh Friesians we have had a lot going on. The arrival of my new Friesian stallion Teeres. “T” for short is settling in well with the help of clicker training thanks to Luke Thomas and balancing of his minerals thanks to Kerry from Equine Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. You will hear more about him in the near future.

The Farmstay is going really well make sure you check out our new website with all our accommodation options at, we have two apartments In Merimbula which offers a awesome view of the Lake as well.

Holiday Stay | Mount Darragh Friesians

We have 3 foals due at the end of September so if you are looking to purchase a Friesian then check out the for sales page. Asterix is still available and I am doing clicker training with him which he loves and is always eager to please.

I have started giving lessons on Simeon so for this rare opportunity contact me and book one in you won’t be disappointed.




I am happy to inform everyone that I am now giving Dressage Lessons on Simeon.

But be quick there is limited lessons available as I do only 3 a week. He is coming along very nicely and is a dream to ride.

Next year I will also have Zoro to give lessons on. I bred and broke both these boys in, as I do with all my horses.

Also I will be giving dressage lessons to people on their own horse, so go to my lessons page for pricing and contact details and hope to see you soon.

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We now offer Farm Stay accommodation here on the farm. This is exciting times as now we get to share our life on the stud with outside guests.

Come and see how we do things around here from our specialised feeding regimes to training.

See how we handle our foals. Watch how I train my horses in dressage. There is even a chance to see a foal being born I am present for all my foals as I like to imprint on them.

Sneak peak at whats on offer:


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